Open letter – revised

Am I helping those I care about or causing more trouble? If it is the latter, I’m sorry.

Tom and Suzie: I love you and believe in you. I’m sorry that all this is happening to you. I know the pain you are in and pray the redemptive blood of Jesus over your lives.

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Where have I been?

Well, mostly I have been here.  Which makes me think I may need to downsize to one blog. I originally split my blog posting because I didn’t want to offend anyone with my competition photos of me in a **gasp** bikini. I know. How could a mother of three dare to put pictures on the internet of such a nature. Well, anyway…I’m just thinking I don’t really need two blogs anymore. I haven’t totally laid competing to rest, so to speak, but I really am not concerned with people’s prudish issues. I post over there most often and it is still mostly a fitness blog with a sprinkling of ordinary daily life. It really isn’t practical for me to have two blogs. I am not two people. I am one person with many facets. I know some are totally not interested  in some of my facets and that’s ok, but I’m not changing who I am.  Unless God directs that, of course. So, we’ll see what the blog  master has to say.

Until then…xox

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Cleaning brings reflection

I was cleaning a box out and found my Symbol Life booklet. Gosh, it’s so good. I wonder if we just got in the way of God.

At the end of the book are two pages of Vows. The last one led me to question.

We Vow: To finish well if God brings transition.

Did we?

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A Survey

When an invitation is sent to you, do you respond? Are you an non-responder? If so, why? What prevents you from checking yes or no on the evite? I’m curious.

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Thank you, Shutterfly

For the 25 free prints. Too bad it took me all day to upload 7 pictures. Next.

EDIT: I signed up with York and uploaded 200 pictures plus created a photo book from my Arkansas trip in about an hour. Nice.

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iPotty, anyone?

Microsoft iLoo – the world’s first computer-enabled portajohn

Reportedly a high-tech portajohn complete with a plasma screen, wireless keyboard, and toilet paper with URLs printed on it, the Microsoft iLoo was dismissed as a hoax by the company originating from their British division. After Microsoft’s public relations company revealed that Microsoft really was working on it, Microsoft reversed and said it was just an idea that was rejected at the Redmond, WA headquarters.

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Freeze Project

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The Pledge of Allegiance

On another blog I read, the girl posted a clip of Red Skelton reciting and explaining the pledge.

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I noticed at one point he left out the “under God” part. I looked it up and found this site…The Pledge.

The original pledge written in 1892 went like this…

I pledge allegiance to my Flag,
and to the Republic for which it stands:

one Nation indivisible,
With Liberty and Justice for all.

The “under God” part was added only 54 years ago by Eisenhower. Huh. Who knew? Not me.


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Groundhog Day Church

We have been attending a local church for about 2 months. Our oldest son is playing drums every other Sunday for the music and today played with the youth band. A few times either Jared or I go with the kids because of other commitments (Soccer, being out of town,etc.). I am totally not kidding here, every week the same people come up to us and introduce themselves and ask if we are visiting or if we are new, or where we are from. It’s just weird. We feel like God wants us there for something. What, Lord? What? And for how long?  Just curious.

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Project Runway Winner!

Christian Siriano

I’ve been rooting for this guy the whole time. He has a real great way with clothing is excellent on the sewing machine and his sense of humor cracks me up! Iwas honestly shocked that he won with all of the comments they were showing, but so glad he did. I would love to wear one of his “fierce” designs someday.

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