Anxious? Who me?

I’ve read in the Bible where is says “be anxious for nothing” but I’m finding hard to live it right now. I have a knot in my stomach feeling like there is too much to accomplish in 1 month and not enough willingness to do it (not on my part). Then I look at all I want to do and think that possibly there are some things I need to let go of until a later date. It is really difficult when all along the way I have come against a veritable “brick wall” to try to do things in advance. Now its crunch time and I can’t sleep. What does that accomplish? Me being tired the next day and irritable. Now, not that I want the community [the Bridge or otherwise] to come calling and see what they can help with but it makes me think about this whole “sharing life” attitude. I’m not sure I completely buy that American culture can actually live it. We can’t wait to turn 18 so we can move out on our own, we agonize over the thought of getting married or moving in with someone because we may lose our “independence”. (Am overusing quotation marks? I owe it to Dodgeball) When our parents become of an age unable to care for themselves we put them in homes where others can take care of them, not us. Can a culture so saturated with the “ideal” of being independent…job, house, wealth etc really live as community? Maybe, but I think it’s gonna take a big shift in the way people think. I suppose it starts with those who really want it to begin ingraining it in their children. Notice I said “their”, I don’t know if I want it. I guess I’m about to be thrust in 100% to try it out. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ll tell you what though, yesterday I read the mail to my grandpa-in-law because he is blind. It felt good. I think I may like it. There will be challenges but I think it’s going to be good. Now, back to worrying about how to get everything done.

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