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Stolen…Sort of.

I had my wallet stolen on Tuesday. Well, lets just say someone forgot it in a cart at the store and when they came back another person had helped themself. You know I was wondering if it was some kind … Continue reading

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Painting sux! I will always and forever have speckles of white paint embedded into my skin now. Why do the Trading spaces and HGTV’s make it look so easy and fun?! I spent 18 hours in paint hell – but … Continue reading

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Feelings…wo wo wo…Feeelings!

Ok everyone, here’s my question of the day! Do men get their feelings hurt? And if yes, do they ever share about it? I have never had a man come to me saying his feelings were hurt by me or anyone … Continue reading

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Is it disrespectful to be late? Or just not show up? How were you raised? What is the deal with total lack of concern for others’ time? I’m just curious what you think…leave your thoughts, please.

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