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What up?

Question for today… Why is it when you want to sleep you can’t and when you can’t sleep, you really want to? Doesn’t seem fair. Oh wait, that’s life, so unfair.I just want a good night’s sleep, sans children in … Continue reading

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Jared’s dad passed away yesterday. We are in shock. Your prayers are coveted for the family.

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I recently took a trip to Denver CO. Now, I love a good city,but Denver is confusing. It is spread across a couple hundred miles. To get from one exit to the next takes about 10 minutes, so when a … Continue reading

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My amazing husband bought me a laptop for our anniversary. It just arrived. I have no clue how to set it up so I’ll have to wait…very impatiently until he gets home. Thanks babe..9 years of adventure, and counting!

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