Tennis Anyone & IKEA

I am taking Tennis lessons, starting tomorrow. This is a part of my search to figure out who I really am. Yes, most of you know me as Martha, wife to Jared mother to Christian, Emma and Riley. Well, as of August of next year all three of the cuties will be in school full time. What does one do when they are basically jobless? Oh sure, cleaning and cooking are still there. But not the days of Candyland and Hot Wheels. I feel like I am getting laid off. I know there is more to me, but I guess I just forgot what it is. Also the reason why the urge to have another baby is so great. It’s like securing my position. If I keep having more there will always be a helpless child who needs me. (Save the “volunteer at the orphanage” comments, please.) I really have NO desire to jump into a full time job, or go to school. Anyway, I just thought Tennis would be fun, after all I don’t quite have enough to fill my days, so I’ll add a sport. Hah!

And to the IKEA topic, next time someone goes let me know. I need a couple of things.

Thank you, and goodnight.

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  1. dr. stryker says:

    you gotta find something. this is essential to your mental health. it’s a proven fact that people who stay at home after their kids are all in school during the day go crazy. i’m not joking.also, the something can’t be recreational. everyone needs to work in someway, not just be recreational. if you aren’t working, the recreational activity will become work to you. then you’ll find yourself saying, “i need a vacation!” after coming home from playing tennis for hours.

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