Throwing up NO MORE!

Well, as pretty much everyone knows, surgery went well. It was not as expected but did result in a good outcome. A tumor was the obstruction and these tumors are almost always benign. The weird thing is that this kind of tumor is usually found in 60 year old men and usually growns down the ureter (tube from kidney to bladder), his was growing up the ureter. I am going to try to get the pictures of this chaos causing growth for any who like that kind of stuff.
Christian is doing great, enjoying playing video games and not having to take any forced breaks yet. Unfortunately he still has the catheter in place so he doesn’t want to move around much. We took the bandages off and they are the tiniest little Barbie incisions you ever saw. How do they do that?! Medicine baffles and amazes me as does the human body and its ability to withstand and rebound from stuff.

So in conclusion, thanks everyone for your prayers and thoughts! I know they were and will continue to be answered for us and Christian!

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  1. dr. stryker says:

    yey! bring on the gore!

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