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Do we care where people are from “originally?”

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Star Wars, from a woman’s prespective.

First, over all…I liked it. It was entertaining. That is the main reason I go to movies. Second, the first half hour was retarded. I really hate the way the droids have taken on so many human characteristics. And that … Continue reading

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Back to “normal”

Well, yesterday was supposed to be my day back to normal…Kids in school, Tennis, Groceries. We woke up to two kids throwing up. (Not Chrstian, thankfully!) So, throw out all the “normalcy” plans. I sat home with a bowl going … Continue reading

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What is up with Blogger spellchecker? Every post I do spellcheck and every post there are errors. It never works. Geeks…what am I doing wrong?

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Finally a callback…I thought that the moment had passed. I got the email today for the previously mentioned short film. They are down to three choices. June 4th. This is fun.

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Details, yet another “d” word

So, I was looking at Jared’s posts from when I was gone and thought some people might like more details about what actually happened to Christian. Monday: We arrived at 5:30. Surgery actually began at approximately 8:45 am. Every hour … Continue reading

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Difficult, just another “d” word…

We are home from possibly the most exhausting, traumatic 10 days ever. But just to put me in my place and remind me of a few things, the Chemo patients (kids) checked in next door on Monday. Talk about difficult. … Continue reading

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Audition 2

Well, the audition was ok. It was along drive to Northridge…traffic was hell. Then the actual audidtion was about 5 minutes. Emma did well, but was not feeling very confident. She did not want to do any of the extras … Continue reading

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Another tube

We had Christian’s tube changed again today. Man, I’m not complaining but this is getting tiring. I just can’t wait to get past Monday to see what happens.

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Emma got an audition for a student film at Northridge. No money but great for learning for her. It is called “Fields Far Away”. Evidently it is an adaptation of a stage play. Looks like fun if she gets the … Continue reading

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