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Sea World

DSCF0401 Originally uploaded by marthab30. Here is everyone (minus me) at the beginning of the day. Click the pic to see the rest of our pictures from San Diego. Aside from traffic on the way and losing Riley once in … Continue reading

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We’re off again!

seaworld Originally uploaded by marthab30. Tomorrow on our way to San Diego. Can’t wait to see the sharks ‘n stuff!

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There are people put on the earth just to bug the crap out of you. Couldn’t be character building, could it?

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Where’s the beef?

We were in LA today. We have gone to this particular area several times in the last seven months. I can never find any fast food places to eat. (Yes, it’s Beverly Hills) So, this time we had to get … Continue reading

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Off to the lake to camp!

See you guys later!

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I think my son is prejudiced.

He was mentioning today that 2+2 is 6 and I said “not in this country”. He replied, “Well, that’s what they say in Canada.”

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Note to self…

Don’t go to the bookstore on Harry Potter release night.

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Do I seem like a PE teacher type?

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Men, and blogging

I am putting my head on the chopping block here,but… I have realized that men and blogging brings out something that may have otherwise been a “man code of conduct” that we women didn’t know about. Or maybe it is … Continue reading

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Can a person comment whatever they want, wherever they want on a blog, provided they are not blocked or something?

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