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It appears that 10-11 year olds must ask many questions. And they must ask the same questions and must receive their own perosnal response. It isn’t good enough to give an answer that will cover everyone. It also appears that … Continue reading

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Long Division

I feel sorry for the 7th grade. Their math is a bit dull. Today was really LOOONNGG division and a lot of it. I thought about crossing out some of the problems but then I realized I wanted them to … Continue reading

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Did you really think…

Some boys were mentioning to me today how they planned to obey me but not another teacher. Did they really think I wouldn’t share that info with my co teacher? Course now they will never tell me anything again.

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Day #1, Check

I have survived and with flying colors I might admit. The day flew by and all the kids were well behaved. Of course it is the first day nervousness that keeps them quiet but a precedent was set and ” … Continue reading

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19 hours

That is how long til mean Mrs. B checks in to 7th grade! Here we go…pray for me! I usually take a nap around 2:00 so that last hour will be interesting. I am excited though. I wonder if the … Continue reading

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Orientation Night, check

I survived teachers week and orientation night. The parents were pleasant, but then again I haven’t given any grades yet. I love the fact that I don’t have the same kids all day. The max at one sitting is 1:20 … Continue reading

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I went to see “The Island” with Jared on our anniversary and since have had some strange dreams. Last night I dreamed that Mr. Craft (a teacher/friend who passed away a couple of years ago) had bought a new cloned … Continue reading

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10 and counting!

Martha_and_Me Originally uploaded by jaredbangs. Here we are 10+ years ago. Just babies. Ahh, how the years have past…so quickly yet so full. What a good man, what a mighty good man!

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Too young?

Emma wanted blonde streaks in her hair. Is she too young?

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Darth Cousins

Darth Cousins Originally uploaded by marthab30. This has got to be one of my favorite pictures. We had paper Darth Vader Masks at Riley’s Birthday camping trip. All the “little boys” had to try them.

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