Kidney Stones Part Deux

After another long day of waiting, (thanks to the DWP worker who cut the power cable and then tried to jam it back together) we got in and Christian got those darn stones out. Yes, multiple stones and one imbedded in his kidney. I declare, it is never simple with the ‘kidney from hell’, as I have lovingly decided to call it. Another stupid stent and another trip down in a couple of weeks. But, I must say my worries are few compared to the family next to me whose daughter’s spine was severed by a hit and run drunk driver -and will never walk again. God always places someone like that next to me when I am at the hospital to remind me that there is so much more than me and my little world. Her name is Jade.

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3 Responses to Kidney Stones Part Deux

  1. ma ma j says:

    I’m praying for Jade and her parents. Sometimes people progress beyond the initial diagnosis. Maybe she will walk again.

    Glad Christian is back home. What chapter are we on now, in the “Kidney From Hell” story? But hey, maybe it’s the Kidney from Heaven. Christian will probably have a much better understanding of some things than most people do, because of what he’s been through. You too. Not to sound preachy but, you know the Joseph story… What was meant for evil, God meant for good. Hang in there. We’re all standing with ya.

  2. Martha says:

    You have (several) good points.

  3. Kidney Stone is a deadly disease specially if it has not been checked regularly.,~,

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