Hang in there…


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I saw this poster on the way to LA one time and it just tickled me. I had just gotten my razr so the picture isn’t great.

It says “Hang in there…Shabbat is coming.”

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8 Responses to Hang in there…

  1. ma ma j says:

    I guess I need to get more educated. Maybe you should do Jewish for your culture day.

  2. kristi says:

    I looked it up- Shabbat is the Sabbath as talked about in the ten commandments. Only, the way Jews celebrate it is with a lot of food and lots of rest. It’s a day for spriritual enrichment. I guess that’s what most Christians on Sundays do too.

  3. dr. stryker says:

    it–yeah. i was gonna quote big labowski, but i’m just not motivated enough…

  4. ma ma j says:

    So, sort of like “TGIF”, I guess. That’s cute.

  5. kristi says:

    I guess since TGIF is so overused, now we can say “shabatt is coming!” or “TGSIC”

  6. ma ma j says:

    Or PYSIJATC. That’s “Praise Yahweh, Shabaat I Just Around The Corner”

  7. ma ma j says:

    Or as the sign says, “HITSIC”.

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