12 Hours To Go

We are leaving on a jet plane. I’ve got my “airborne” and my Nano…I’m set. We are gonna have fun. Pray for my kids to be good. We’ll post pictures as we get them.

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7 Responses to 12 Hours To Go

  1. kristi says:

    HAVE FUN YOU GUYS!!!!! We’ll miss you! Don’t worry about your kiddies- they will be in good hands.
    We’ll pray for your safe travel. Love you!

  2. ma ma j says:

    don’t forget. we want the picture of the tarantula. first things first.

  3. dr. stryker says:

    someone share what this tarantula thing is all about. i hate being out of the loop!

  4. ma ma j says:

    We went on our yearly fall drive up hwy 33 last weekend. The kids were throwing big rocks into the riverbottom. (By kids I mean, Jared, Randy, Nate, Nick not to mention Christian, Blake, Riley, Emma and Levi.) One big rock was dislodged and out from underneath crawled a big huge tarantuala. Jared’s phone was the only digital camera we had, so he said he would put a picture of it up on his or Martha’s blog.

    Sorry, not a very exciting story. But it was pretty exciting when we found it! Randy Sr. touched it. We saw 2 more crossing the road as we traveled home, also. Must be a good year for the furry 8 leggers.

  5. kristi says:

    Squish em! Squish em all!

    Wait a sec….did you say that you saw them crossing the road on the way home and Randy Sr actually did not hit them????

  6. dr. stryker says:

    neat. i spider sat a tarantuala for a few months. it was pretty cool for the first couple weeks, but once the excitement about the fact that they’re a big creapy spider and they walk cool was over, he was pretty boring.

  7. ma ma j says:

    Yeah. They’re not really great entertainment. They are a little more fun in the wild though. And no, Kristi, Randy is reformed. No more road-killing for him. I did detect a little swerve in the tires, but he missed or repented before actually doing the deed.

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