We’re home!


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We had a blast to say the least. I have put some of our photos on but am having trouble with my computer…so it is just a few of what I have. We tried to think of what our favorite part and decided it was just being gone for awhile doing something other than the ordinary. I will post more as I have time and rest. I really have to do some reviews of shows. This photo is of a very fun restaurant we went to last night in Little Italy. Well, ciao for now!

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9 Responses to We’re home!

  1. ma ma j says:

    Coool. So glad you got to do your dream vacation. Not everyone finds a way to do that.

  2. Kristen says:

    Yeah! Welcome home! I’m glad you guys had fun, I can’t wait to here all about it.

  3. kristi says:

    YAY! You posted (atleast some) pictures!
    And I second Jacquie and Kristen’s comments. :-)

  4. martha says:

    Thanks, Grandpa Vernon!

  5. martha says:

    Hey…I’m commenting!

  6. Martha says:

    Am I still…

  7. Martha says:

    My honey rocks at fixing computers.

  8. crazysox says:

    Glad you’re back safe. Print up those pics by the first Friday in Nov!

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