I’m in!

Well, I didn’t have time to get the study “cheats” as Nathan suggested. I had to take it today at 12:15. So, off I went feeling very excited. I haven’t taken an academic class since right out of high school. The test turned out to be not so bad. I knew the stuff…a lot because I had been teaching it the last 4 months. The only things I couldn’t remember how to do was the square root stuff and the graphing equeations. I always struggled with the graphing in high school. The thing I did best on was word problems…who knows…I never would have guessed that one! The thing I don’t really get is the scoring. Out of 50 problems you only need 25 correct to get into the Intermediate Algebra class. Isn’t that an F? So I got a 33. I’m happy. I knew there were 9 that I totally did not know and only tried one of them, so that means there were only 9 that I actually missed. Anyway, off to math class, and tennis I go!

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  1. dr. stryker says:

    yey! i don’t think the study things were cheats. it’s not cheating to know what kind of questions are on the test, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve mathematized and you need to remind yourself of how to do things you’ve already learned.

    anyways, i assume you got 33 right as opposed to a 33%? i think i did something similar, but my strongest point is graphing and my weakest is word problems.

  2. Nick says:

    Keep trying to rationalize your cheating Nathan. CHEATER!!!

  3. ma ma j says:

    But actually, 33 out of 50 is not a 33% either. It’s a 66% if I have my math right. so you didn’t get an F you got solid D. Great Job! But you better work on your percents. I don’t know if that comes up in intermediate algegra or not.

  4. Martha says:

    Wait…I didn’t say anything about the percentage except that you had to get an F to pass. I still don’t think a D is that great, but hey, whatever it takes! And by the way, what is Algegra? Algebra with viagra? And I only said cheats becuase I couldn’t think of a better word. But thankfully the class I have been teaching got me ready.

  5. ma ma j says:

    All misunderstandings and misspellings have been duly noted. By the way, does everyone but me know what 8th means?

  6. ma ma j says:


  7. Martha says:

    I think maybe he meant 8 which is actually how many I missed, not 9. So there goes my math career! Duh!

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