Baking, or something that resembles it. cont’d.

Ok, so I guess I can mess up the pre-mix sugar cookies. In my defense the packaging is misleading. On the front they show pictures of pretty cut out cookies…just what I wanted to make. So I mixed em up noticing it was awfully goopy. How are you supposed to roll these out? I thought. Then I look on the back…there on the bottom in a little box “Special instructions for cut-out cookies”. Duh. Why would I NOT want to make cut out cookies? So I have some gloopy drop sugar cookies, then I added some flour and made a few cut-out ones. The main thing is, I’m done. The cooking for this year is over. As far as the “candy” goes. I melted some chocolate, spread it over the peanut butter, froze it, then flipped it. The “candy” part is still a white goopy mess. With the addition of the chocolate it is cutable and sooooo sweet- but goopy. Anyone want to come over and try it? Be my guest, Dan. It will be in the bin tomorrow.

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5 Responses to Baking, or something that resembles it. cont’d.

  1. kristi says:

    I’ll try it too!

  2. JaredB says:

    I always have a chuckle every time I see Dan and trash bins mentioned in close proximity.

  3. Martha says:

    I meant try it tonight cuz i’m gonna throw it away.

  4. ma ma j says:

    I tried it. I was delishious! It would be great toopping on icecream or cake or something like that. You all should go over there and give it a go.

  5. Martha says:

    here is the website…it is kind of a lot of work, just so you know.

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