Poor Kids

This Santa is sad!

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5 Responses to Poor Kids

  1. JaredB says:

    I like the pretending to shoot at them with his fingers part; that was awesome. He should have pulled off his beard and said “I’m not real anyway, so get out of here!”

  2. ma ma j says:

    Well. Santa needs to go to anger management class. Then he needs to go to career counseling (or retire). Then the granma needs to go to parenting class. And the kids need to go to etiquite class. That would slove everything.

  3. dr. stryker says:

    we don’t need no education!

  4. ma ma j says:

    dr. stryker, you need a class. I’ll think of one for you in a minute.

  5. crazysox says:

    Awe, Santa made the kids cry… wish I’d seen that!

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