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I am trying to take a math class at VC but since it has been awhile and at another college, I need to take the placement test. I’m kinda nervous. Wow, I will be embarassed if I screw up and … Continue reading

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Pee Update

Some of you are wondering about Christians pee test…well, keep wondering. We got a letter in the mail from the lab (that Jared assures me is a generic form letter) that says, “You may be at risk for forming kidney … Continue reading

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Missing the old life.

Today I went on a field trip with Christian. The best part for me was the 45 minutes I had before the field trip to run an errand and get coffee while everyone went to school. Now, mind you, I … Continue reading

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Thank God

for this.

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Riley had to go get his 5 year physical today. I had a talk with him last night and gave him a bit of a warning about the shots. I even had Christian tell him not to worry and that … Continue reading

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is getting harder. I guess I better study a little more than just the night before.

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Get your house for $100

Check out this story…all you who are pining to own a home. This could be your chance. You may have to register to read it. I think the drawing is this week.

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This is so good. Hopefully you think so, too!

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