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Fast Food Calories and such.

For anyone who might be interested…Fast Food

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Happy Birthday Sara!

better be good for $10 Originally uploaded by Dan_Cameron. Celebrate! It’s your day ! Have a fruity drink, on me! You rock. Love you!

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No more car seat!

DSCF1113 Originally uploaded by marthab30. Time for a positive post! Riley turned six on sunday and we celebrated by removing his car seat! He’s a big boy now! No we can legitimately put him in the big kids area at … Continue reading

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I had a day of work planned…

My day started fine. I had a good run, did some sit ups. When I got home from the gym- I got ready, kids ate and off we went. They were going to day camp while I worked in my … Continue reading

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To fix or not to fix…

After going the whole summer without the screen on my laptop w0rking I finally called to see what it would cost to fix it. And the grand total is…$438! We already spent close to that on getting something else on … Continue reading

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Somebody stole my car wash guy

Aboout 4 years ago, I met a car wash guy, right about the time we got our Montero. After realizing that I was not gonna ever be able to make my car look very good washing it on my own, … Continue reading

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I need a vacation.

I would settle for the Motel 6 down the street. Just get me out of here for a bit! Anybody got a spare room, garage, closet?

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For Nathan

That picture way way too big. Don’t miss it too much. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

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As long as I have legs…

I will run. I have heard some complaints lately (no, it’s not you.) about things poeple can’t do because…blah, blah, blah. I swear people are really great at coming up with every excuse in the book. Anyway, it’s not about … Continue reading

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Cheap Flight

Anybody have any inside info on how to get cheap airline tickets? I wanna take this trip in October, but don’t want to spend $300 on the flight. Please pass along your knowledge if ya got any.

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