Have you reached a verdict?

After these amazing arguments, we have, your honor. NOT GUILTY!

I sent in the paragraph below and won! I got my $89 back today! Yeehaw! I really didn’t think I’d win, but it happened. There is justice in the world!

On July 25th, 2006 I, Martha Bangs, was driving over the Vineyard Ave. Bridge at the 101 Freeway. I sometimes have a problem with the seatbelt cutting into my neck. Although my seatbelt was fastened as it should have been, I hooked it beneath my elbow in order to keep it from digging into my neck. When the officer pulled me over he seemed to think I did not have it fastened, upon inspection he realized I did and said he pulled me over because of how I was wearing my seatbelt. He said it would not be any use to me worn in that manner. Upon issuing me a ticket, the ticket reads “No Seatbelt”. I was absolutely wearing my seatbelt and feel this ticket was unwarranted and plead not guilty. Section D states that “person must be restrained by a seatbelt.” I was restrained by a seatbelt and would never operate my vehicle without one.

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15 Responses to Have you reached a verdict?

  1. JaredB says:

    Sweet victory.

  2. mama jacquie says:

    Congratulations counselor. I printed your letter because my friend wanted to show it to her husband who works at Oxnard PD. They totally didn’t think you’d win. HA!!!

  3. Kristen says:

    Wow! That is excitting. Good job :)

  4. Nate says:

    nice! you better pay yourself a treat.

  5. Kristi says:

    You go, girl!

  6. lnstryker says:

    I wonder if the cop who issued the ticket was given a lesson in humility (willing to admit he was mistaken about the seatbelt) or reprimanded for issuing a ticket under false pretenses. (that might not be the right word :-))

  7. michel says:

    Unfreakingbelievable! Though I was of course behind you on this, I never thought you’d actually win. Only because I don’t believe there is justice. Turns out there is. Yay!

  8. Randy says:

    Oh, don’t let this incident fool you. There is no justice in this world. The judge must have been high or something.

  9. JaredB says:

    Of course, it would be cool to know that the cop got in some kind of trouble for it, but chances are he didn’t even know about it. I’m guessing that if it was something that would have negatively impacted him, he would have fought it. For now, it’s nice enough to know that he wasted his time giving it out, and we can only hope that eventually the paperwork makes it back to his boss’s desk about how he wrote a bogus ticket.

  10. mama jacquie says:

    I’ll let you know.

  11. jenn says:

    Good for you!! Too bad he wasn’t spending his time pulling over people that really needed to be pulled over. Maybe he thought you were hot!

  12. martha says:

    Well, I’m thinking if he did he would have acted a lot nicer. I got the other forms back and it said that he did not respond, so basically that is like him not showing up in court. Cool!

  13. JaredB says:

    I wonder if we should get his name from the ticket and post it on here to shame him. How lazy do you have to be to not respond to a written statement? It should be even easier than showing up in court, but apparently not for this guy!

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