“My life” The Soundtrack

This is fun…thank’s Cynthia. Open itunes, select shuffle, input each song in order for each part. Kinda weird how some fit so well. Ps…can’t fix the stupid spacing!

  • Opening Credits: Delirious- Sanctify
  • Waking Up: U2- Miracle Drug
  • First Day At School: Lifehouse- Only One
  • Falling In Love: Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blonde
  • Fight Song: Matt Redman – Dancing Generation
  • Breaking Up: U2 – Walk On
  • Prom: The Wallflowers – The Difference
  • Life Is Good: Coldplay – The Scientist
  • Mental Breakdown: Acoustic Worship – My Redeemer Lives
  • Driving: Annie Lenox – No More I Love You’s
  • Flashback: Von Iva – Not Hot To Trot
  • Getting Back Together: Prince – 1999
  • Wedding: Eric Clapton – Further On Up the Road
  • Paying The Dues: River – My Only Prayer
  • The Night Before The War: Coldplay – Spies
  • Final Battle: Gwen Stefani – Serious
  • Moment of Triumph: Delirious – Revival Town
  • Death Scene: University Baptist Choir – Come Thou Fount
  • Funeral Song: Coldplay – OK
  • End Credits: The Heat – As Angels Looked On
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5 Responses to “My life” The Soundtrack

  1. JaredB says:

    I cleaned up the formatting on that a bit for you; hope you don’t mind.

  2. Beka says:

    If I ever figure out how to use my iPod, I’ll try it. :)

  3. stevem says:

    * Opening Credits: collision – as i lay dying
    * Waking Up: the oaf – big wreck
    * First Day At School: my first stereo – fm static
    * Falling In Love: your my angel – unwritten law
    * Fight Song: bleeding mascara – atreyu
    * Breaking Up: empty inside – all that remains
    * Prom: okay i belive u but my tommy gun dont – brand new
    * Life Is Good: stripper – t-pain
    * Mental Breakdown: these are the words – means
    * Driving: as im falling down – escape the fate
    * Flashback: what i got – sublime
    * Getting Back Together: we know the way – plus 44
    * Wedding: mary go round – south park mexicans
    * Paying The Dues: numb – linkin park
    * The Night Before The war: the remembrance ballad – atreyu
    * Final Battle: nike a go go – the misfits
    * Moment of Triumph: a favor house atlantic – coheed and cambria
    * Death Scene: accidents – alexisonfire
    * Funeral Song: watch your words alterbridge
    * End Credits: The Heat – thousand years of oppression

  4. jesus fetus says:

    * Opening Credits: All that he wants-kill hannah
    * Waking Up: Love seat-the red jumpsuit apparatus
    * First Day At School:Teenage dirtbag-weezer
    * Falling In Love: Statues without eyes-kill hannah
    * Fight Song: Shadows-sunny day real estate
    * Breaking Up: iris-goo goo dolls
    * Prom: Im a fake- the used
    * Life Is Good: Me you and my medication- boys like girls
    * Mental Breakdown: Pillars- sunny day real esate
    * Driving: our time now-plain white t’s
    * Flashback: Soldiers poem- muse
    * Getting Back Together: Bliss-muse
    * Wedding:Beverly hills-weezer
    * Paying The Dues:about a girl-nirvana
    * The Night Before The war: Figures A and B- hellogoodbye
    * Final Battle: Dead girl-acid bath
    * Moment of Triumph: a lonely september-plain white t’s
    * Death Scene: invincible-muse
    * Funeral Song: whats said and done-scary kids scaring kids
    * End Credits: The Heat – all that i’ve got- the used

  5. Laura says:

    Opening Credits: Whatta Man – Salt n Pepa
    Waking Up: Mein Herz Ist Geld Fur Dich (my heart is poison for you) – Fraulein Wunder
    First Day At School:Lovefool – The Cardigans
    Falling In Love: Bubbly- Colbie Caillat
    Fight Song: Inner Smile – Texas
    Breaking Up:Hurt – Christina Aguilera
    Prom: Like A Prayer – Madonna
    Life Is Good: 1973 – James Blunt
    Mental Breakdown: Who Will I Be – Demi Lovato
    Driving: Whats up – 4 non blondes
    Flashback: I dont need a man – Pussy Cat Dolls
    Getting Back Together: Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
    Wedding: One Way Or Another – Blondie
    Paying The Dues:Can’t stop gotta DAte With Hate – Lost Prophets
    The Night Before The War: Chick Habit – April March
    Final Battle: Voulez-Vous – ABBA
    Moment of Triumph: Nothing Lasts Forever – Maroon 5
    Death Scene: Youth Of Today – Amy Macdonald
    Funeral Song: Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics
    End Credits: Erase/Rewind – The Cardigans

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