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The Next Challenge

I’ve spent the last 6 months pretty focused on fitness goals only pertaining to me. Pretty selfish? Well, whatever. I’ve decided to take my love for fitness and help someone else! I just signed up to walk in the MS … Continue reading

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Ventura Mother of 3 Takes…

4th in B Class at the Jr California Figure Competition! Yeah, 4th. It sounds pretty good until you add that there were 6 in the class. I’m not upset though. I had a blast. It was seriously exhausting, but so … Continue reading

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Pasta Pig Out Party!!!

Hey, you are all invited to our house on Wednesday June 27th at 6 pm for a Pasta Fest! Bring your favorite, or any kind of pasta dish to share and anything you’d like to drink. I have water and … Continue reading

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Have a great day, Dad’s!

Happy Father’s Day. Do something extraordinary for your dad, or someone who is a dad if you don’t have one of your own!

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Martha Bangs’ Bad Things

I had an idea today to have postings of things that you should be careful of. This may be the only one, but here is #1 1. When you’ve have braces and eat tuna, try not to sneeze soon after … Continue reading

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School’s out…if you’re looking for me-

I’ll be here. Soaking up the sun. MMMMM.

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