Is guilt the fault of the one feeling guilty or the one making you feel guilty?

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3 Responses to Guilt

  1. JB says:

    Sometimes one or the other, sometimes both, but either way you can only change your side of the equation so I say it’s best to only focus on that.

    If the guilt is motivated by something reasonable, then make amends and seek forgiveness to the extent that you’re able to. If not, then there’s nothing to do but not let it have control over the way you feel. Either way, I think that’s where you eventually have to end up – no condemnation.

  2. nstryker says:

    you’ve definitely caught my interest, but i guess i’m not understanding the relevance of the question. maybe if i knew the situation that inspired the pondering, it would be less abstract for me. guilt to me represents that i’ve somehow fallen short of a mark…the only two ways out of that are justice and mercy.

  3. Randy says:

    I say essentially what JB says, but a bit different. I say that either way it is the fault of the person feeling guilty. Either that person should feel guilty about something and then fix it, or they have nothing to feel guilty about and therefore shouldn’t.

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