Groundhog Day Church

We have been attending a local church for about 2 months. Our oldest son is playing drums every other Sunday for the music and today played with the youth band. A few times either Jared or I go with the kids because of other commitments (Soccer, being out of town,etc.). I am totally not kidding here, every week the same people come up to us and introduce themselves and ask if we are visiting or if we are new, or where we are from. It’s just weird. We feel like God wants us there for something. What, Lord? What? And for how long?  Just curious.

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4 Responses to Groundhog Day Church

  1. crazysox says:

    That is funny. Do you say “Hi, George, how’s Penny?” Maybe they are confused since there is always someone missing… Are they old? Old people sometimes have a bad memory…

  2. Randy says:

    I hope God reads blogs.

  3. jacquie says:

    Hey, watch it with the “old people” lines, Crazy-who-ever-you-are!

  4. jacquie says:

    He probably wants you there so that you can learn tolerance, patience, compassion, uh, long-suffering. Just a thought. Hurry up and learn it, maybe he’ll let you off the hook.

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