The Pledge of Allegiance

On another blog I read, the girl posted a clip of Red Skelton reciting and explaining the pledge.

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I noticed at one point he left out the “under God” part. I looked it up and found this site…The Pledge.

The original pledge written in 1892 went like this…

I pledge allegiance to my Flag,
and to the Republic for which it stands:

one Nation indivisible,
With Liberty and Justice for all.

The “under God” part was added only 54 years ago by Eisenhower. Huh. Who knew? Not me.


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One Response to The Pledge of Allegiance

  1. JB says:

    Yeah, I remember this being pointed out a while back when there was a big hullabulloo about kids in school declining to recite the pledge because of the God reference. (Actually, I think that seems to be a recurring thing that comes up every now and then).

    While I do think that’s a legitimate reason to not recite the pledge, I’m not a huge fan of it anyway for other reasons, so I don’t mind much either way.

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