Where have I been?

Well, mostly I have been here.  Which makes me think I may need to downsize to one blog. I originally split my blog posting because I didn’t want to offend anyone with my competition photos of me in a **gasp** bikini. I know. How could a mother of three dare to put pictures on the internet of such a nature. Well, anyway…I’m just thinking I don’t really need two blogs anymore. I haven’t totally laid competing to rest, so to speak, but I really am not concerned with people’s prudish issues. I post over there most often and it is still mostly a fitness blog with a sprinkling of ordinary daily life. It really isn’t practical for me to have two blogs. I am not two people. I am one person with many facets. I know some are totally not interested  in some of my facets and that’s ok, but I’m not changing who I am.  Unless God directs that, of course. So, we’ll see what the blog  master has to say.

Until then…xox

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